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                         constructive criticism.
The young lady T (Redditch) for proof reading after contact from a forum and her kind words of encouragement also.
Struggling authors.co.uk for their support and help
The forum members who have found this site and made mention publicly for all to see. You all know who you are and we thank you for your support.
Moneysavingexpert.com Despite our rocky start with forum etiquette, but a special thanks none the less to Andrea for support and all the team there.
The various forums that, despite some difficulties, have made mention of us to all or allowed posts to stand (for which I apologise for getting a bit defensive)
All those who passed it on everywhere.
Our daughter Cheyenne for eating it all.
Then a final personal thank you to my wife for her help, encouragement, love and never giving up.
Thanks all.
Our thanks to!

I think the first round of thanks must go our
friend Les, without who’s positive reaction and
words of encouragement this concept would not
be here for you all to see and benefit from.
The local papers for running the story especially the Redditch Advertiser for starting it all.
BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester, especially Carson for his live feature, if a little stressful for first timers like us.
Our first, very touching, message of thanks from V for our efforts and her kind help in proof reading Part 2 and