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camera training 2009 ver.pdf
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Cooking Good Food on a Budget Part 1 rev2.pdf
Cooking Good food on a Budget Part 2 rev2.pdf
camera training 2009 ver.pdf
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Digital Camera
How to Guide
A small tutorial on digital camera use. Designed from experiences of learning the basics of digital cameras to help those new to the digital world.
Cooking Good Food On a Budget Part 2!
Second in the series offering more helpful tips, suggestions and recipes!
Taking a £26 shop and converting into a weeks worth of tasty evening meals.
Featuring our BBC Radio Spanish Tortilla meal
Getting control of your meat management and something different with lamb mince.
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We do hope these help and realise from web site comments that they are basic, they’re supposed to be! We have an array of ingredients here, have had for 15 years and it was actually more difficult to thin the menus down to a limited source of spices and herbs so as not to break the bank!
We didn’t want people put off returning to or starting cooking by having to spend a fortune on herbs and spices only to find out they didn’t like the meal.